Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hot and Sunny

Might need a close up of this little critter...
Yep! Bed bugs....

Ha, how´s it going? Things are great here, it seems to get hotter every day, it is super dry here, and you really feel the sun. Things are good, we got some chemicals from the mission presidents wife, and took apart our beds and took them outside and sprayed them all down with chemicals, to try and kill all of the bed bugs and we have been sleeping well. My companion and I are getting along great, and have been working really hard.. ( ha ha I have to say I am having a hard time writing in English, because my companion is Latino and so I only speak in Spanish.. ha ha and i keep on wanting to say things in Spanish, then i have to stop and think of how i say it in English, it is really weird!!) My companion and I have a lot of energy and excitement to work here, and we know that we will be seeing it boom here. 

 Yesterday, Sunday I had my first opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting, and it went really well, I was a little nervous, but I had prayed and prepared with the spirit, and knew what i wanted to say, and so it went really well. I was amazed how the spirit guided me, and gave me the things i needed to say. (I didn't even have it written word for word, I just had notes, and scriptures... my first talk like that!) I am always amazed how the lord sustains and blesses us, as we do his will and seek his help. He really does love us. In my talk I spoke about charity, and I read a little section about the life of Jesus Christ, and he is an example for each and every one of us, in how he lived, how he was able to serve and love every person that he came in contact with, even the soldiers who were the ones to end his life, and I took some time and thought about what it would take to be able to do that, and what i have come to conclude, is that he loves us, and has experienced every one of our lives, and so he views us with the perspective of our eternal potential, our potential to become like our heavenly father, and so, when we take that into perspective, that every one of us has that potential, and that really is what we are all searching, and striving for, the ability to be eternally happy, when we see the people around us, fall and make mistakes, and maybe leave the path, we need to view them as our heavenly father views us, and do everything we can to help pick them back up, brush them off, and get them on their way. That is what the gospel is all about, repenting and changing and striving to become better, so that one day we will be able to achieve our potential, and ultimately be happy. Every single on of us will fall and make mistakes, and sin, that is part of the plan, so we need to remember that, and always strive to do what we can to repent, and help others to do the same, so we can take advantage of the atonement and be considered worthy through christ´s perfection. It is simple and beautiful, yet we could study it forever and still learn and be edified. I love the gospel family, I know it is true, I am soo happy that I have the opportunity to share this great message with the world, and get to try and build up the Lords kingdom in this little dry, hot, dirty place in the world. I love it. 
Eating gnocchi for lunch, Elder Rivera across the table
Pizza that Christian made

Elder Zimbelman