Monday, June 30, 2008

3 weeks in the field

Família! What's novo?
I should have expected this week to be a little rough. I'm having my ups and downs, but I am still happy. Well, the language is really coming a long. There are times when I am loving it and can understand everything. But, there is definitely a huge cultural block sometimes! Sometimes I feel like I am going to explode because I can't express myself in Português like I can in English. But everything is good I just need to learn patience. Patience has been a real problem lately! My ward here is really small, maybe 40 people, but only 15, sometimes 20 show up most of the time. Did I mention our bishop is like 25! I meet someone new at church every week because everyone is semi active. Its really lame. Also we are teaching a lot of lessons and everyone has a lot of potential but they all lack motivation. Its really frustrating to know what it could be like and not know how to get there. Ha, or even know how to get there but it's a slow process and it's difficult to see short term progress. But I haven't forgot the kindergarten secret. And I have been writing a talk on missionary work that I hope it will help. Maybe I will send you guys a copy and brother hill can translate it for you all. Yesterday I was really wishing I could just have like ten strong members that would be able to help me in the work I have to do here. It's also been a little tough this last week because my comp is on his last transfer and he is getting a little trunky and I am not sure what to do but to kick him in the shins and tell him we need to get to work, in Português of course. But, I have to admit it is hard not to become a little trunky when your companion does everything with you. OK, pooh, I am done complaining, thanks for listening to me ramble about my problems.
So this week Margarete was in Porto Allegro so we haven't seen how she has been doing lately. My lessons are really improving. I am speaking a lot faster now and when I am teaching I can try to focus on teaching with the spirit versus worrying about my pronunciation. We had zone conference this week and it was really rejuvenating and the food was really good;) It was a good experience because I was feeling a little down about my Português because a few times investigators haven't been able to understand what I am saying. It's kinda funny cause I speak great Português but people down here speak gaucho. But, at zone conference I boar my testimony and said the closing prayer and everyone was complimenting me on my Português afterwards. The meeting was really powerful. We have a great mission President. He has some really awesome ideas and is really funny and so is Sister Myrah. Apparently he isn't the typical Brazilian mission president, thank heavens. I have really learned a lot this week and am really excited to kick it in to gear this new week. I sure hope everything is going well and you all have fun in California. I will be praying for cool experiences to write you all about next week and your all in my prayers.

Amor do Brasil, Elder Z(I tell everyone to pronounce my name superman)

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