Friday, June 6, 2008

Christian is 16

I've heard it said that Isaac must have been younger than 12 or over 18 when Abraham was commanded to sacrifice him or it wouldn't have been a sacrifice. 

While this may be true with many teenage boys Christian is certainly an exception. While he is not perfect he seems to have the ability to learn from those around him and chooses not to make the same mistakes. Or maybe his parents had a few more things figured out by the time he joined the family. Probably both but he was definitely born with a love of life and desire to do what's right. 

Christian seems to sense the needs of those around him  and what's even more impressive is that he's willing to do what needs to be done. Christian is equally comfortable around small children, kids his own age and adults of all ages. And they sense his love and want to be around him. 

I could go on but I think he's probably already embarrassed... sorry CBZ. I feel very blessed that he's part of our family. 

If you haven't checked out his photo blog you're in for a real treat.

PS I'm a little late posting this, we were at a family reunion at Snowbird on June 3rd, his actual birthday. Even as I sit here typing he's getting his license and driving home ALONE!

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Anonymous said...

We love Christian! You are right. He is awesome. Cameron came home and talked about him and I told him he could be like him when he was 16 and he got so excited and happy at the thought! I was too! All my kids love him soooooo much!