Monday, June 16, 2008

Elder Z has arrived (in his area)

Here is Rob's email that arrived today. It's always a relief to hear he's safe and sound.

Hey Everyone! What's going on? Was good to hear from you! Uruguaiana is really a great city. My companion is really cool. His name is Elder Silvéria. He is from São Paulo and doesn't speak a lick of English. So, I am learning fast! I'm really glad I worked hard in the MTC. I can understand just about everything the people here are saying as long as multiple people aren't talking. I can also say a lot, almost all I want to. I have really been blessed. Yesterday in sunday school we were learning about gifts of our father in heaven. Luckily I was paying attention and could understand. When they were talking about the gift of tongues and then they asked me if I wanted to say anything. I was able to speak and everyone understood. It was kinda funny, cause I was speaking a little while about my experience and then I asked if they understood. Because it seemed like they were all very attentive. But they all nodded that they could understand. Foi bem legal(Was very cool). I have learned a lot out here. We have been teaching a woman named Margarete. She is probably mid thirties and has problems smoking. Her son was baptized and she wants to be baptized. A few days ago she commited to stop smoking and we took her cigarettes. But, I think it might be hard for her to quit because her husband still smokes and doesn't care to hear our message. It has been really touching to see how enthusiastic she is when we go by her house. I have developed a love for the people here already. I really hope she can stay true to her convictions. I wish I had time to write you all individually but I am already going over 15 minutes. I sure love you all. I could write my next email in Português if the translator Jenn knows of works. I would enjoy that and it might help me. I will try to write more next week.
Amor do Brasil!!


allegra said...

hi karen,
thanks for the comment-i didn't know you lived in arizona. or maybe i did and had forgotten. i bought some roach "traps" at target today and am excited to see if they work. ha ha. they're pretty nasty creatures. i'm glad you never saw a scorpion while in az, that makes me feel better:) sounds like your missionary is doing well! i loved reading letters my brother would send home. anyway, Christian's pictures are very good! i checked out his blog and he has great talent...

allegra said...

oh, and Ruby is soooo cute! i bet your family is just in love with her. my mom mentioned when i had max that my next one should be named Ruby if it is a girl (mainly for the reason of the "Max and Ruby" famous books, but also because it's such a cute name. )