Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out with the old, In with the new

On December 26th we loaded up our trusty van and braved the snow for our trek

to the sunny land of Arizona.

Our usual 10.5 hour drive time was not to be.

Delayed first by the snow.

Next by a long wait at Hoover Dam.

(It was a Dam detour slowed by Dam construction)

Sorry, I digress

And finally somewhere between
Wikieup and Wickenburg Arizona late that night,
Our van sputterted and came to a halt on a lonely hill.

The stars were beautiful out there in the middle of nowhere.

A tow truck loaded the van, with all 7 of us inside, onto the back of it's large bed and took us and the trailer for a $300.00 ride into Wickenburg where my parents met us with a car and truck. We emptied the van and finally arrived in Mesa some 16 hours after we left home.

Ruby was amazing!
(Another picture shamelessly stolen)

Monday we heard that our van had breathed its last breath and would not be making the long journey back. When all was said and done I must admit that none of us were very disapointed. That van had lived a good long life and it was time to move on.

We spent our Christmas vacation shopping for used cars.

A fruitful vacation don't you think?

May the van RIP.


Tracy said...

I love the story you told with pictures. And rock on, new car. I'm extremely jealous ... but not jealous enough to hope my van dies in Nowheresville. :) Happy New Year!

Kami Su said...

I will miss seeing that trusty van going down our street. Wow! Moment of silence... Exciting news, I'm looking forward to seeing the new wheels on our street. It sounds like you had a great vacation how nice to go to a little warm. Your little Ruby is so darling.

celisamz said...

Sweet new car! :)