Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home


We made it.
(I just put on my jacket over my turtleneck cause it's a little chilly in the family room.)

Mesa was warm and wonderful in so many ways.
(It was sunny and high 60's)

My parents provided spectacular accommodations, delicious homemade meals and miraculous help to us. My gratitude for them and their love brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Spending time with my siblings and their children was awesome. I forget sometimes how much I love my family. It's interesting to see reflections of myself in them.

Our traditional lunch at Marie Calendar's with
Grandma T. and Grandpa Jim was graciously brought to pass by Brian who did a lot of driving to make it all happen - and we got to spend the afternoon with him too. And the park... did I mention that it was close to 70 degrees?
Sewing with Amy, car shopping with Christian, an afternoon at the temple with Jen and Christian, playing rock band, doing genealogy with my dad, time with Jordan and Ruby (I love Jordan's quick wit), riding the Desert Classic trail with Mark
(did I mention it was sunny and 70?).
I even got air going over jumps.
(like 3 feet of air ....
OK Mark said it was more like 3 inches but Ohhhh the joy!)

Getting out the door was a painful experience. We didn't get on the road until around 2:30PM due to circumstances having to do with making the Volvo and the trailer compatible. Again my dad came to the rescue and we were off. We debated stopping for the night in Hurricane, which looking back, was probably what we should have done. Instead we forged on for hours in a snow storm and got home around 2:30 AM. We just wanted to get home.

(While we didn't really feel the traction control and all wheel drive were necessary when we bought the car,
we were soooooo glad we had it.)


Although we had a wonderful time it feels good to be home. There's snow and ice on our street, our driveway and our walks - we had to blow and put salt down first thing. Sort through a week of junk mail, I still have all my Christmas decor to take down. There are muddy footprints on the kitchen floor. Laundry to do. Things to put away from our trip.

I took a nap on the couch, Jen read a book in her room, Mark is riding the stationary bike downstairs, Christian watched Top Gear and then was reading the Volvo manual for me. The sun shone brightly on the snow covered trees and my stream (which is buried under lots and lots of snow). It's time to make dinner - Mexican wraps tonight with onions, cilantro and brown rice...

Awesome vacation but it's good to be home.

(I think I need to get my slippers, my feet are cold.)

PS. Thanks Christian for documenting our trip and letting me use your pictures - we look forward to more on your blog.


celisamz said...

I'm glad that you had fun in Arizona and made it home safely despite all of the traveling issues! We love you guys!

E-didie said...

Did you really get a Volvo...THAT IS AWESOME, is it silver, are there any vampires in you family?
jk (just kidding) glad you guys made it back safely!