Monday, January 26, 2009

The latest from Brazil

Hey Family,

This has been a really good week. Not to mention the dream that I had that I returned home and was talking with everyone! That was really lame and left me a little trunky. But, don't worry about me, I already forgot about me. I'm working for the Lord and there isn't time to think about me.

Saturday, Fernando was baptized! Hurray! He was really prepared and it is really amazing the spirit you can feel when you helped someone enter on the right path!

Gustavo and Jose and happier than ever and Gustavo is going to work to get married. They are a really special family and are already feeling at home at church.

Ernandes and Tereza had a good time at the baptism but they haven't really been putting the efforts forth and showing us there interest to know if the church is true. It is really sad that so many people here stay content with whatever and don't care if it is true or not. They have been going to a small church here for quite some time and aren't really seeing the difference. Also, they don't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon yet. We will prepare a powerful lesson about the spirit and doubts and questions of this life and the soul and show that we can answer these questions with the Book of Mormon.

Not much more has happened this week other than our attendance in sacrament meeting went up 13 people! Also, the District(Stake) here has decided to have the theme of this year be Missionary Work! We are very excited and it looks like the wheels are really going to start rolling now!

Thank you all for your love and support, I am really blessed to have such great examples of the Savior in my life!

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