Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 one day late

3 days old

It seems perfectly appropriate that I wish Aaron a happy birthday one day late
After all... he also was one day late.

Twenty five years.
My son is twenty five.
Whew. It seems like I should feel old... well, older than I do feel

2 months in his blessing outfit

It's amazing how life works. I remember putting away some food about a month before I was due and looking at the expiration date...
My pregnancy was due to "expire" before the food was.
I think that's when it really hit me that I wasn't going to be pregnant forever and that this baby tucked so tightly inside me wiggling around was really going to be born.

Raising Aaron has been a joyful journey.
He was always an inquisitive child wanting to know the how, why, when, where and how come about everything.
Halloween 1986
Norman Oklahoma 1998ish

He has always had a great love for his siblings and felt from early on a great sense of responsibility to set a good example and guide them.

With dad on Gooseberry Mesa

A friend of mine was looking at a newborn baby boy and said,
"It's hard to believe looking at him now that he will be a man someday"

It's amazing how quickly the time passes.
Now my first baby is a man with a wife and baby of his own on the way.

I could say a lot more but pretty soon this will be two days late and that just won't do.

Love you Aaron!
Happy Birthday


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to Aaron! And oh wow, Karen, time does fly, doesn't it? Loved the picture of you, the new mom. I always liked looking at the row of pictures of your family in your house here in OK. Loved seeing you and your family grow up. Maybe I'll have a hall long enough for that now. ;)

Kami Su said...

I can't get over the picture of you holding Aaron, you can't possibly be old enough to have a child.

Christie said...

I LOVE the halloween picture. And in it AMY looks JUST like Amy! Hey...nice new look to the blog...when can I have a lesson on how to do that? And why are you still in school? I thought you'd graduated?