Monday, January 5, 2009

Just Good News

Hey Family,

Thanks for your emails! It's good to know that everything went alright in Arizona and that everyone is safe at home now! Thanks for your positive notes about being district leader but, it appears that it was just a mistake. The secretaries made me District Leader when I was really just supposed to be made senior.

It was actually kind of a relief. Right now in Santo Ângelo there are only 2 pairs of missionaries; the zone leaders and us. Right now one of the zone leaders is DL and ZL and what they tell me is that I will be called DL next transfer, but we'll see.

This has been a really great week for me. I am here in Santo Ângelo still, but now I am here with Elder Borlot. He is new in the mission; he has been in the feild for 3 months. He is 22 and was born in the church. He has been in Uruguiana for his first 3 months and asked Presidente to put his with someone that really works so, Presidente put him with me :) I hope he doesn't regret it.

Well, I don't think that i have told y'all about Gostavo, Jôse and Fernando yet. When I was with Elder Silva we were passing a house where a young man, Gostavo about 22 years old, and his family were putting a type of shingle roof on their house. We were passing by and with waved and said, "good after-noon." When Gostavo said, "would you like to help us out here." He was just kidding with us but, Elder Silva and I were already thinking about giving them a hand. Immediately I took off my backpack, tucked my tie in my shirt and took off my watch and said lets go. Apparently Elder Silva was thinking the same thing as me because he did the same thing and already started to help them pass the material to the guy on the roof.

He was completely shocked and said that he was just kidding but i said that that's not a problem and that we are here to serve. We started talking and I marked a day that we could come back and share a message. We went back and taught them about Christ's ministry and the Restoration. We invited them to pray and he said leave it to me. We invited him to play soccer Wed., he went. He was at church Sunday with his wife/girlfriend and his brother. Then today we played soccer with him and he sat down next to me and told me he needed to talk to me. His wife wasn't there when we taught about the Restoration but we left a booklet with them. He said that Jôse had read the booklet, prayed and received an answer that the church is true!!!!!!!
I asked him if he had prayed and he said that he always knew that the church was true but that he prayed and heard the holy ghost tell him the church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I told him, "now it's just a matter of marriage and baptism!" He said, "yep, I'll just have to find some money for the ring!" Ha ha!!!!

There is a saying here in Brazil that goes,"I'm more happy than a fat guy in a new shirt!"

That is just how I feel :P

It is really amazing how the littlest things in life can have such eternal results! We need to strive every day to have spiritual experiences and they will come! Thanks for you Love, Support and Prayers they help me daily!

Until next week!

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