Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It gets complicated

Dear Family,

This week has been like a game of chess. I'm playing the best I can, but I've encountered something that I have never seen before. Now it's all up to the Lord.

I think I have been walking the feet off of my greeny here, Elder Borlot. I'm pretty sure the next companion he will ask for will be a slacker. Just kidding, we're getting along just fine.

We have been working with Gostavo, Jose and Fernando a lot lately! They are really turning out to be troopers. If they didn't have a testimony I think they would have stopped going to church by now.

This week we have discovered the great problem in our Branch. To make a long story short half the members are mad with the other half and there's a lot of tension with just about anything that happens here.

We have been teaching Gostavo's parents and they already love us; But, I don't think it will be very easy for Gostavo to continue inviting them to come to church with us.

Last Sunday there was a lot of tension in Sacrament Meeting but luckily I was able to give my talk and help everything go a little smoother. i really don't know what to do. I will just keep supporting the Leaders and keep working. But, it will be a good thing that we have Zone Conference this week! I will really need it.

Sure Love you guys, I can't tell you how much your emails mean to me!
Pray for us; Gostavo, Jose, Fernando, Ernandes(Gostavo's dad), Tereza(Mom) and their whole family.

Have a good week! Love you guys!

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