Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crazy Week

Dear Family,

This has been the craziest week ever!

First of all we had the Leaders council. But it looks like we ate some potatoe salad that didn't agree with our stomachs and where vomiting all night long on Monday. Which means that we couldn't go to the second part on Tuesday. We are all doing fine now. President says that I'm looking skinny so I'm trying to put on some weight but, the food is good here and I've been pretty fat my whole mission so that shouldn't be a problem.

Second, on Friday we had Zone Conference! It was very spiritual and I got so excited that I couldn't keep my mouth shut! I'm pretty sure that everyone got annoyed with me but, whatever :) Then after Zone Conference we had two baptismal interviews that were really cool.

One of them is a woman that the Sisters in our district are teaching. She is a cool lady, her name is Olinda. She had visited one of our baptisms. At the baptism I was conversing with everyone and I asked if she had been baptized yet. She responded, no. I asked her what she was waiting for, she said she didn't know. She had been taught by many missionaries but just needed to be challenged. I invited her to have an interview with me joking. She laughed and I didn't think anything else of it.

The next day the sisters called me up and said that she wanted to be baptized! But, what's even cooler is that she wanted me to baptize her! So, on Saturday I baptized her! It was pretty amazing how simple it is sometimes to just invite people to change. But if you don't invite them, they will never change.
So this week was really really hard to work! Next week I will be doing a division and working for three days in another area. Pray for me!

Other than that, everything is going great! Thank you for your prayers and emails and everything.


Your Elder Zimbelman

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Christie said...

Elder Zimbelman . . . I am so very, very proud of you! Sure hope your mom invites me to your homecoming!