Monday, January 25, 2010

A Week of Miracles

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for your love and prayers! They really have helped me this week! We have had an excellent week and I'm very excited to tell you all about it!

Last week a member brought a friend to church. His name is Rogers and his parents are members that have fallen away from the church. He is 17 years old and really has been prepared to receive the gospel! I was on division the first two times that he was taught. On the third lesson his friend asked what lesson we marked the baptismal date. We said that was normally the next lesson but asked, why, and if they where already thinking about the date? Rogers asked if we baptized on Sunday we said that normally on Saturday. Then I thought convenient to add that he needed to go to church at least two times. He did the math and said alright, my baptism can be next Saturday! Wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!Yesterday he went to church and we also taught him the Plan of Salvation. He loved it and is way excited for his baptism! Pray for him!
I'm not sure how much I already told you about Volnei, Andréia, Jonatan and Mariana? They are a family that is very especial! Volnei and Andréia have been inactive for 7 years! They were very firm in the church for some time until some member offended them. They have a few others excuses too. But yesterday Andréia and Jontan went to church! Jonatan has been two times now but for Andréia it was a huge leap! Jonatan could be baptized this week but we will see if he is really prepared. Volnei will need the most work of all. He drinks and it also looks like he hasn't forgiven those that offended them. Please pray for him.

Alright, coolest experience of all! We were working the day that I got back from the division and Elder Leite thought of someone that he had taught with another missionary. He remembered that they hadn't returned to teach him. We called the missionary and discovered his address and he gave us permission to teach the man. When we got there he already started giving us excuses and telling us that he already "knew the word." Hmmm. So I asked for some water. He got some water and I opened up to him. I explained that some times we insist because we want to help everyone that we can. Before I could even ask for a reference he started to talk about the neighbor. That she had lost her son some time ago and really could be blessed by a message!
On splits in Santa Maria
We went straight to her house. She was outside drinking chimarrão under the tree. We arrived, I presented myself and my companion and offered a message about; where we came from, why we are here, and where we go after this life. She said ignorantly, "I'm sorry my son but, no one has come back to tell us, and no one really knows." I have never felt SO happy to say that we know without a doubt and that we could explain it to her! She said, "alright, I'm catholic but you can share your message." We entered and started talking and she already started telling us about the problems in the catholic church. She said that she even had corrected the padre and had taken he bible there to straighten him out! I laughed and agreed with her. Well, we taught her an unplanned message about Christ's Ministry and life after death and she totally opened up to us. many of the things she told us are too sacred to write in an email but all in all she wants to change churches! Haha! The only reason that she didn't go to church yesterday is because she had to stay at home and take care of her grandchildren. But she has already told the neighbors that she will become part of the church! Her name is Mail and her husband's name is Alayir. Pray for them! Especially because I will go to Santiago in division this week and my comp. will be taking care of everyone.

My comp. is very good! He is from the Espirito Santo, from the same stake as Elder Borlot. He is just 10 months in the mission! Pray for him too!

I am doing awesome! Thanks for all of your love and concern for me and everyone around me! I love and pray for you all!

Love, Elder Zimbelman

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