Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Aaron at 26

Aaron has always been a hard worker and he also knows how to work smart. When he was young he finally realized that when there was work to be done he may as well get in and do it. Often, by the time the other kids began working he was done and gone.
When he was in second grade his teacher requested a conference with Aaron, Mark and I. Mrs. Burns noticed a pattern in Aaron's work. He would get 100% repeatedly and then not turn in an assignment. He seemed to be doing just enough work that his grade averaged out to a solid "B".
He's grown up a lot since then.
He married a wonderful woman and has a beautiful daughter.
He loves those girls more than anything...
He works hard for them
as he finishes his masters and is working away on his PhD.
You've come a long way in that past 26 years.
We sure love you.
Happy {late} Birthday!


Celisa said...

He really is such a great guy....he must have had an awesome mom! Love you guys!

MZ said...

I second this post! It's great to have such an amazing son and great friend all in one!

christian zimbelman said...

Hey when robbie gets home, and when we're all back together we should re-enact that photo of us boys, it would be really awesome! haha aaahhh im soo excited for rob to get back!