Monday, February 8, 2010

I decided to stay

Dear family,

Thank you all so much for your love and support for me! This week has been especially good thanks to all of your prayers on our behalf.

Well I talked to President and said that I wasn't very happy with the area but that I would decide if I was going to stay or not. I had been praying to know if God wanted me to stay or if I would be of better use in another area. On Monday I was going to call President with my response. That night we left and went out to work. We taught two families and then went to a reference that a member told us about. She didn't even enter into the house with us, she is kinda crazy but, introduced us to the family and left.

We sat down with the family and they are really an awesome family! There are 9 in the family and they aren't members of any religion! The mom works making bracelets, necklaces and sandals. They are really cool, I even thought about taking some home to the women. So, if you are interested, place your order. Anyways, they are really special and for sure will go to church but now they don't have very much time. Please pray that they will be able to progress! There names are; Beiur, Lucineri, Rodrigo, Tabata, Tanata, Raiani, Luciele, Neri, Naumi and Eva. Rodrigo is Tanata's boyfriend. All of them are more than eight years old except for Naumi and Eva!

After this find I called up President and told him that I wanted to stay!

We also are working with another family that went to church this week called Tiago, Suellen, Marialena and Taylan. They are really open and believe what we tell them but they go to an African religion that is pretty out there. It has to do with talking with spirits and saints and reading cards and other stuff like that. They are really good people and we will see if they will change. But, if not,at least we planted the seed. Pray for them!

This week we also had two baptisms! Rogers and Gabriel. Here they don't have the chip reader do send you the pictures but there Rogers's family is really special! His parents were baptized some time ago but for whatever reason stopped going. After the baptism I was able to walk and talk and really have a one on one with Regis, Rogers's dad, and express my love for you all and the necessity to be married in the temple. He told me that for sure they were going to come back to church and prepare to go to the temple! That means three more baptisms with Rogers's brother and sisters and also maybe I will be able to get another family sealed on my mission! Pray for them!

This week has really been great and I am working my heart out until the end of my mission! I'm excited to see you all but just in the end of March!

Love you guys, Pray for us!

Elder Zimbelman

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