Monday, February 22, 2010

Ummmmm Hmmmmm

Dear Family,

It's so good to hear that everyone is safe and sound. Happy and healthy! I'm doing very good here, the work is progressing and I'm crazy for missionary work!

This was a very good week! Elder Enout got here just in the nick of time. He is an awesome missionary but he isn't my companion. My companion is called, Elder Leite (Leite is milk in português). Elder Enout is a really awesome missionary and an awesome friend! When he started his mission, I was in Santo Ângelo. He is a very excited missionary and fearless. He is Elder Swingle's comp. and now he is very happy! We are working a lot in four, always switching off companions.
This week we baptized Jonathan. He is the only one that hadn't been baptized in the family but, the family had fallen away. Now the mom has returned and we are working with the father. But, he was never really strong in the church so it is more of a conversion that he is needing.

We were also able to take Tabata to church. If everything goes right we will baptize her next week. Yesterday we went to her house and were about to teach the family when it started to rain. We then here someone clapping outside(that is how you knock doors here). One of the little girls went outside and invited the person in. Guess who it was? ...the sisters! They were going home from church and the family lives on the border of our areas. They didn't know that we were there and only knocked because they needed to get out of the rain. It was a really good experience and they could help us invite and have everyone in the family promise to go to church! It is the family of nine/ten that I told you all about! What a blessing it would be to baptize that family before I leave! Pray for them.

Today and tomorrow we will have the council meetings! I am very excited. It will be my last and I will have to bear my testimony! Wish me luck and please pray for me!

Thank you so much for your love and forces that you all give me!


Elder Zimbelman

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