Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A prelude

I have taken a break from the remodeling frenzy of last summer to catch my breath.
But, I have also not felt satisfied with the main floor.
While I love the living room - and we love to be in there
The living and the dining room just didn't flow
and the family room left much to be desired.
I though about a lot of things but lacked direction and didn't want to spend $$$.
I was also afraid to move on anything... what if I didn't like it...

I mentioned this to Amy one day and she suggested talking to her high school friend
Kirsten (used to be Curtis) Krason.
(I stole this picture from her blog - I hope you don't mind Kirsten)
GENIUS! I follow her blog and love her work. We emailed back and forth but the mass of confusion that was in my brain came through loud and clear... so we decided to get together.

And can I say that she is AWESOME! Having a fresh set of eyes look at your home is always helpful but having some one who really knows what they are doing AND can understand what it is you're going for when you don't really understand yourself is... well...
totally AMAZING!!!

I know that you're supposed to look at the architectural features of your room and work with them but I just felt like the fireplace was ugly and the hutch in the dining room while pretty just didn't go with the modern living room. I had these "elephants" in my rooms I was trying to avoid.

Kirsten suggested putting some color in the back of the hutch and then arranging things inside as a display - like you really want someone to look in there - make it interesting.
Much better don't you think?
and the couches in the family room - just because they are not the couches I really wantdoesn't mean they have to be an eyesore - a few fun pillows can make a world of difference!

I'm back on my decorating frenzy!
More to come.


Amy said...

Lookin' good so far! Can't wait to see more!

Grandma T. said...

Looks like you just came out of a Pottery Barn catalog!!