Friday, March 19, 2010

Building Bridges

That's what Christian was doing a few weeks ago for his AP Physics class.
Each student got a pack of thin square balsa wood sticks
a long thin piece of cardboard and two small wooden blocks.
Their task was to apply what they have learned in physics and build a bridge that would hold at least 1000 lbs. before it broke. Success would be rewarded with an A.

On the appointed day a professor from BYU brought a machine that applied pressure to the five points (it's upside down in the picture)
I took a video on my phone of Christians bridge.
I'll post it if I can figure out how.

It held 1600 + pounds.
He got sixth place over all.
Way to go Christian!


Amy said...

WOW!!!! That is AWESOME!!! Way to go CBZ!

Grandma T. said...

Whatta guy!!

Franklin Family said...

As a science teacher, this post melted my little geeky heart. Congratulations Christian!