Saturday, March 20, 2010

The world is a little brighter today

Happy Birthday Jennifer!
This morning as we were going to Christian's rugby game Jennifer asked if today was officially the first day of spring. Mark replied, "Your birthday always marks the first day of spring because there's more light than darkness in the world because of you."
I couldn't agree more.

I've been thinking lately about how Jennifer's life has been different from that of her older siblings.
Being the "baby" means you are expected to help out at a younger age - whether you like it or not. And mom and dad know all the tricks so you're not getting out of it very easily.
It means that you get to watch siblings before you try something new and sometimes it gives you the courage to try.

It means you get to see life from a different vantage point.
Watching others go on missions and travel to foreign countries
- and be there greet them when they return.
You watch them go to college, get married and have babies -
and be around to enjoy it. You get to be the cool young aunt.
(No offense Amy :))

You watch first hand as older siblings learn new talents and you can try them out for yourself with their help.

Being the youngest also means some alone time with mom and dad...
which will be a regular thing very very soon!

When you were little you begged for a little brother or sister for a few years.
I just kept telling you that someone had to be the baby...
and that someone is you.
We are so glad we have you Jenn!
You truly do make the world a brighter place.
Love you and
Happy Birthday!


Tracy said...

Karen, your children have always been so beautiful! Their goodness and light shine so brightly from their faces. I can't believe how time flies, and how amazing it is to watch your little ones grow into choice young men and women. Happy Day to Jennifer!

Celisa said...

Happy birthday to Jennifer! Fabulous 15 :)

The Fifes said...

what a sweet post! I love it.

Kami Su said...

I agree with how you beautifully put being the youngest. Being the youngest of 5, I feel you described me too. Happy Birthday Jennifer, I can't believe how old you're getting!

MZ said...

An awesome post for an awesome young lady!!!