Monday, March 22, 2010

Miracles haven't ceased

Dear Family,

Thank you for all of your love and support for the second to last time!!! Wow, it's like a dream that my mission is ending but I am doing as all of you have been so kind to counsel and giving it my ALL. I have been awed to see that God constantly is caring for me and those that are willing and ready to do the work of the Lord!

This week we were blessed to have an inspired Zone Conference about the Book of Mormon and miracles. We were asked to study Moroni 7 and pray to have miracles every day. I have been blessed to experience many miracles in my mission of which I feel like I have a perfect memory.

This week I had a very powerful experience. I was working with Elder Leite (Milk right) and we taught the pastor. I have learned in this time in my mission what it means to "wake up the world for the conflict of justice." His name is Márcio and he is very receptive. We were just talking and usually it is impossible to teach a pastor without entering in a bible bash. But, I explained how we share messages saying a pray and everything and they accepted. We taught them in a very clear form and they listened attentively. If they don't pray to know the truth, we have done our part! We will go back there on Wednesday. He is a very busy man but we are going to fast for him and see what happens. Pray for him. It is advised that we don't ask anyone from home or other places to fast with us but it's your decision...

Shortly after this visit with Márcio we went to Maria's house. Maria is a very special woman that has received some very powerful responses that the church is true and what she needs to do. I don't know if you all remember when Priscila dreamed about her baptism? Well Maria has also dreamed about her baptism. When we went there she didn't want to receive us, then reluctantly let us in. I broke the ice talking about my nieces and she opened up to me. She started telling me her story when she was a diaconiza in another church and really dedicated herself. She wasn't really loved or giving attention in the church. After a long time left the church. Heard the lessons from the missionaries many times and never was baptized.She told us that she had been praying one night and as she was praying she saw her own baptism! But, she said that she was had been deceived and didn't know what she should do. I ask her, "can I tell you what you need to do?" She said yes. Then I said a prayer and asked for the spirit to be with us that Maria would know what she needed to do.

When I finished the pray I started to speak. I felt like I was just repeating scriptures and calling her to repentance and to baptism that God had so clearly showed her. When I stopped speaking she turned to Elder Leite. She started saying sorry, that she wasn't putting me above him and few other things and then we understood why. She said that she had a testimony that God put's people in the right place at the right time. She said that when she opened her eyes from the prayer she saw a special light around me and that when I spoke she didn't hear anything that I said! But, she did hear a voice that said, "I have sent you two angles, listen to them!"

At that moment the phone rang. It was her sister and the confusion started. In a few minutes she hung up the phone. She said that she was sorry once again to Elder Leite, that he would baptize her. But, once again started to explain that God had sent he there to speak to her! The phone rang once again and she talked for longer this time. When she finished she just said, to not explain this for too long she said, "I will go to church tomorrow." After that she said that she would be persecuted a lot for this decision but, she had made her decision.

I said that I wanted to be at her baptism and that it could be on Saturday. She said that she would pray about it.

Long story short, yesterday some people arrived at her house and slept over and she didn't go to church! She can still be baptized on Sunday but, we will have to see how committed she is to follow this GREAT, answer that God has given her. Pray for her!

Also, Tabata had family health problems. She will be baptized on Saturday. Pray for her!

Thanks for all of you faith in me! I know that miracles are happening not just by my faith but, your faith in me!

I'm CRAZY to see you all, it's alright, you can get CRAZY to see me too! It's natural, I hope your all crazy to see me! Haha.


Elder Rob

PS from Karen... Rob will be speaking in our ward on April 18th 9:00. We and he would love to have you come. Let me know if you have questions.

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Anonymous said...

I'm CRAZY to see him! Wish I could be there!

I love watching how his English has changed over the past two years! :)