Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amy Started it!

Count downs that is.

For years we counted down days till birthdays, Holidays, graduations, missionaries leaving and coming home, weddings, anniversaries, days till people came home from foreign countries, baby's due dates. Even count downs that we had to guess what we were counting down to. All of this we did on our dry erase board. Then the time came when the dry erase board began to look a little shabby - not shabby chic - just well, bad. When we did some remodeling in the kitchen last summer the dry erase board went to DI. We replaced it with a magnetic board - which has been nice - but it didn't allow for count downs, let alone pure creativity.
As we talked about decorating ideas I suggested a chalkboard wall and was surprised at the enthusiastic response. We finished it last week and it has been received with great enthusiasm.

It did require a bit of work though... sanding and filling... more sanding
followed by much dusting (of the whole house!).
Priming, painting, waiting and painting and waiting some more.

It's been enjoyed - and yes were are counting down hours until Rob gets home.

PS Did you see the little sneak peak of the new color in the dining room?
Do you care? ;)


Amy said...

Oooohhh, I love the chalkboard wall! Ruby will love it too! How fun!

And yes...I care to see the new color...looks good from the little sliver I can see.

TrinEthan said...

i've always wanted a chalkboard wall, just not quite sure where to put one in this house... someday though!

Anonymous said...

So, am I blind? I only see yellow, which is the same as the kitchen, unless it is orange like the clock.
Hmmm. Are you trying to recreate High School memories and get those colors into your home??
Did you know they changes to Blue and Gold??

Karen said...

Lisa, look in the first picture - you can see the green in the dining room. Just a touch of orange and I didn't know they changed colors! My kids High School colors are orange and blue!

Kirsten said...

Wow I LOVE it!! So fun. I love chalkboard walls.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I totally had to go back to old pictures to see what it looked like. I bet it looks fabulous! I think you told me before the whole thing you were thinking about that...hmmm.

When did you have time to repaint??

Tracy said...

Karen, your house always looks so cheerful and bright, even in the middle of projects. I'm so jealous! Chalkboard wall is a great idea, too, btw.

Christie said...

I'm just loving all the things you are doing in your home. I LOVE the chalkboard wall and the clock and the countdown...don't think Franklin would go for it, but I love it!

Karen said...

Christie, I didn't think Mark would go for it but he surprised me!