Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last week after Christian's graduation we went to dinner at PF Changs.
The restaurant was filled with graduates and their families.
One of Christian's friends came up to our table and said,
"Christian should get the award for the nicest graduating senior"

I think that most people who know Christian would agree.
He is an amazing young man.
He is amazing with kids.
Loves to create and figure out how things work.
Even though he hates snakes, he is always willing to "escort" them from the yard to their new home. He also emptied the mouse traps for me so I could go downstairs and make breakfast. Not a pleasant job.
Christian has a love for fast moving mechanical things.
Seems to enjoy being sandwiched in the middle(ish) of our family.
He gets along with everyone - age is not an issue.

Last year he watched some of his friends leave for school and now they are leaving on missions. It's amazing to see these boys he's grown up with growing up and leaving home but he's not far behind. Christian is the first of my last two. Five years between him and Rob.

June 3, 18 years ago I was overwhelmed with joy as I held my 9lb 3.5 oz baby boy in my arms. He was sweet and calm and happy. The nurse got permission to watch him in our room, checking his blood sugar regularly - he was a big baby. I was so thankful because I didn't want him to leave my side. Will I be ready to let go this fall? I think so, but mostly because I know what a bright future is in store for him. I look forward to watching him soar.


Amy said...

I agree with it all! He is such a fabulous example and I wish we could be there to celebrate with him! Happy Birthday CBZ!

MZ said...

Well said! Happy Birthday CBZ!!! Thanks for blessing our family for 18 years!

Franklin Family said...

Such a handsome young man. He has grown up to be amazing. Congratulations to him on everything! Graduating, BYU, and a mission soon. You've done well!

Celisa said...

Happy birthday to Christian!

Kami Su said...

Those younger pictures of him, is how I remember him, no way did he graduate? CRAZY!!!