Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Dads have taught me

My dad and niece Erika
(circa 2002ish)

One spoke out, “My dad is bigger than your dad,” to which another replied, “Well, my dad is smarter than your dad.” The third boy countered, “My dad is a doctor.” Then, turning to one boy, he taunted in derision, “And your dad is only a teacher.” There is one teacher whose life overshadows all others. When the boy heard the taunts: “My dad is bigger than yours,” “My dad is smarter than yours,” “My dad is a doctor,” well could he have replied, “Your dad may be bigger than mine; your dad may be smarter than mine; your dad may be a pilot, an engineer, or a doctor; but my dad is a teacher.” May each of us ever merit such a sincere and worthy compliment!

Thomas S. Monson

I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful dads who are also teachers. My own dad taught me joy in service, love of the Lord, and tenderheartedness. The father of my children has taught me and them much about integrity, humility and priorities.

My son and son in law have taught me to take time time to have fun and enjoy the little moments of life as I have watched them love their little girls.

I thank my Heavenly Father or all these earthly fathers that help me to know Him better.

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Celisa said...

Yay for dads! Thanks also for raising such a great son. He is a wonderful dad (and husband)! :)