Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It seems that this summer is moving forward at record speed but I want to take a few minutes to rewind and review what we've been up to. We recently got to have Celisa and Olivia here for a week. Aaron was busy teaching and couldn't come but we appreciate the chance we had to see the girls. I now understand firsthand how difficult it is to get a non blurry picture of Olivia.
That girl is ALWAYS moving!
She and Ellie from UP! seem to share the same motto:
Adventure is out there!
She was so fun to follow around and play with.
She had a blast swinging with Grandpa
Eating dinner outside
Playing the piano with Auntie Jen... got some foot action going.
It was so fun to reconnect and spend time with them.
I'm not sure how Celisa is getting anything unpacked.

I can hardly wait until August when we will all be together.
Thanks for coming to visit!


Amy said...

Looks like lots and lots of fun!

Celisa said...

Thanks for having us! It was so fun to see all of you. We're excited for August!