Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back in the saddle

July 5, 2010

I rode my road bike today.
I haven't ridden it since that ill fated day last October.
Since aerobics was canceled I decided that today would be the day.
I got dressed and then goofed around for almost an hour.
Mark had come home from a vigorous ride to ride hills with Robbie.
He invited me to join them.
I accepted.
I pumped up my tires and Mark lubed my chain.
As I gripped the handlebars and began pedaling I realized that the tightness and pain still I feel in my shoulders and back come from my riding position on my bike.
I must have tightened every muscle on impact.
And then, not 5 minutes from our house I began to sob.
It was strange.
The feeling came from my gut and filled me till it spilled out and wouldn't stop.
I can't even tell you what I was feeling.
But I knew as I rode today that I would never feel safe riding up the canyon on the river trail again - my favorite ride - and that was something to mourn.

July 13 2010
I rode again today.
I was supposed to ride with a friend but she was pulled away by the chance to take her kids water skiing, so I rode alone.
It was hot and the semi's were noisy as they flew past me on the road.
It's just until I get past Bridal veil falls I reminded myself, then I will get on the trail- skateboarders don't ride between Vivian park and Bridal veil falls.
But I could not help but wonder what I would do if for some strange reason there were some long boarders on the trail heading towards me.
I would yell something to get their attention. After considering some options I settled in "Heads UP!" Short, direct and should do the trick.
Once on the trail it was shady and green and the sound of the river beside me was magical.
As I came down south fork the view of the mountains reminded me why the long hot ride up the canyon was so worth it.
I decided to get back on the road after the falls - just to be safe. But the way the road comes together and the shoulder shrinks I think I will take the trail - just on the way down.


Anonymous said...

:) and :(

Celisa said...

Just wanted to say that you are awesome. I'm glad that you're feeling good enough to ride again.

Amy said...

I am impressed that you are back on. Way to go! Now to find a new trail that you can make some new really good memories on....

Tracy said...

You are amazing, Karen!! Hang in there. Hugs!!