Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If only we drank beer...

This race season has been a little different than years past.
In one of the earlier races in the season Mark woke up the morning of a race with a sore throat.
But, true to form he decided to race anyway. This race was an out and back race (where you turn around half way and finish where you started). Mark was racing pretty well until the turn around. He was towards the front and hit a patch of gravel and went down. He was scraped up and bruised his hip but got up and continued on. When he went down some of the other riders took that opportunity to attack. Mark played catch up during much of the rest of the race and by the time it was over he felt terrible. Not only was he sore from his fall but his throat was burning and he felt achy and sick to his stomach. This was the beginning of what turned out to be a three week long sickness. I got it too - It was not fun.

Since then Mark has done some races and worked really hard to regain the fitness he lost when he was sick. He wondered if his whole season (and all the training he put in over the winter) was lost. Two weeks ago he rode in the pro 1/2 category in a race near Logan. It was long and hot and BRUTAL. He produced more watts for a longer period of time on the uphill portions than he had ever done before and even though he was totally beat he still finished the final lap - the only master rider to finish in the pro 1/2's. Feeling exhausted and sick to his stomach he still wondered if his season was shot.

Fast forward to July 10th and the Porcupine Hill Climb.
A race straight up Big Cottonwood Canyon.
14.7 miles, 3800 feet of vertical climbing.
And for the third straight year he won the Master's 45+ category
finishing more than a minute ahead of his nearest opponent.
The winner gets the jug as a trophy.
Now he has three (actually four - one for a second place win)
You can take these to the Porcupine bar and grill and fill them with beer for only $2.00!
At our house they sit on the cupboard or hold flowers.
Mark has his newest one at work full of marbles.
While the jug is a fun trophy
it's tangible proof to him that he's still got it.

(I never questioned that)

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