Friday, November 5, 2010

Homework today

is not like the homework I had in high school.
Case in point.

For her APUSH (AP US History) class, Jennifer was assigned to put together a commercial or skit that President Andrew Jackson could have used in his presidential election campaign back in the day.
She wrote it, called two friends and recorded it on her ipod touch...
downloaded it on to the computer, put it on a thumb drive
and took it to school to be played for the class.

I'd give her an A... what do you think?

I am still awaiting her official permission to post this if it disappears later on you'll know why.


Amy said...

Good job Jenn! Count my vote in.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I'll vote for him.

Celisa said...


Christie said...

So true . . . it's a different world out there! Does Christian ever bump into Kate at BYU?

Christie said...

That was hilarious! Go JEN!