Monday, November 15, 2010

A little slice of Heaven

Aaron called me about two weeks ago with a proposition.
He was coming out to attend a conference sponsored by BYU and was thinking about bringing Olivia.
Because she's only 18 months she could fly for free. There was one catch... Aaron would be in meetings Thursday afternoon, much of Friday and half day Saturday... which meant I would need to watch Livi... ummm where is the catch?

Celisa was kind enough to let Olivia come with Aaron
(I did feel bad that Celisa was home alone but hopefully she got a good break) 
One benefit of having grandchildren living a good distance away (I'm trying to be optimistic) is that when they do come and visit I don't feel the least bit guilty dropping everything to play with them 24/7. I think I only cooked one meal and we just snacked on that the whole time. 

I must admit that while we had fun playing and reading and dancing, Livi's very favorite activity was playing the piano - and play it we did, literally a few hours each day. Aaron got her up one morning and she asked to go downstairs. Aaron asked her if she knew who was downstairs (referring to Grandma) and she thought about it and said "Piano!"

Mark and I lay in bed at night filled with gratitude for our wonderful children, their spouses and our grand children. Each one has unique talents and gifts and we are in awe of them as we watch them live their lives... and these granddaughters are such a gift. Thinking about them and the wonderful way they are being raised fills me with so much joy. I'm so excited to meet our new little grandson in January (more positive thinking and energy here)



Amy said...

So sweet. Love that video! I wish we could have had some Olivia time too!

Celisa said...

She had so much fun with you guys! She's been saying all of your names at random times. I had a good break, but I must admit, I am very glad to have her and Aaron home- she is a little slice of heaven for sure.

We wish that we could have some time with the Wrights too!