Friday, July 20, 2012

And then there were none...

picture taken by Amy

After three heavenly weeks filled with children and grandchildren the house is quiet again. More so than usual as Jennifer has been at girls camp this week. Just 11 days short of our 30th anniversary we have been as we were then... but not quite.

Last night we lay in bed, long after we should have been asleep, laughing about how we used to play yahtzee and pong on our new atari computer. How you used to have to type in exact words or phrases and "run" to get programs to work. Life was good... we had  big plans and our whole lives ahead of us. 

We still have a lot of life ahead of us as well as some good years behind us. We spent wonderful time this past month with people who were not part of our lives 30 years ago. Much of the last 30 years decisions both large and small have been made and late nights spent trying to determine what it best for them. While there is still lots of prayers and some effort made in their behalf (as well as for their spouses and children) day to day life is quite different. And next year, as Jennifer will be a senior, we know more changes are coming.  

I love my life now and treasure every moment - but I think that when our nest becomes empty next year... I'm going to love that too.


MZ said...

I love every bit of being with you! You're awesome!!

Lynn said...

It is interesting how you can find joy in all the different phases of life. Surprisingly, being an empty-nester is not as bad as I expected!