Friday, July 27, 2012


In mid June our house was full. It was wonderful. All four grandkids and their parents were here. Amy and Jordan and family were at our house for a few days and in town for a week while Aaron and Celisa and family were here a little over three weeks.  As both families live out of state I just can't get enough of these moments. 

Mark, Jennifer and I met up with Aaron and family on Thursday, June 21 in Evanston, Wyoming. They were on their second day of travel from Illinois and we were on our way home from a quick vacation in Yellowstone (more on that trip soon). We met at the Wendy's by the freeway (which we found despite the faulty directions of the gps). 

Mark and I had not moved back upstairs from the basement since the finish of the remodel (more about that later) so we just stayed downstairs and gave Aaron and Celisa the master bedroom. It worked out so well and we may do that in the future too. 

Amy and Jordan arrived Saturday night with Ruby and Peter. 
Baby Kate was blessed on Sunday (more pictures to follow)

picture by Amy

and then the mighty rumpus began:


 more to come...


MZ said...

Definitely a summer to remember!

Chelsea said...

what wonderful visitors! kids make life so worthwhile!

Celisa said...

Such a fun time! Thanks for letting us stay!