Monday, May 19, 2008

Family Picture Results

We got our pictures back from the photographer and we are really happy with them. It had snowed off and on that day but it was clear and even a little sunny so we decided to go with our original plan and take them outside. We started out with great weather but it soon got cold and then colder, the wind began to blow and soon there were snowflakes flying everywhere! You can see them in the last picture of the boys if you look closely and in the girls hair. Fife Photography is owned by a cute couple that are attending BYU. They are actually moving to Norman, OK to attend OU sometime this summer. Kind of fun since we moved here from Norman! They were awesome. They got great pictures of everyone. I will post individual pictures one at a time and tell you a little about the person or family as we go along. Here are some other fun shots she took. 
Isn't she gorgeous!

Both  of them

All three actually.

Good looking guys!
Our more natural state! 


Christie said...

Great pictures...don't you just love being a mom! (most of the time, anyway)

Anonymous said...

Can they stop in AZ on their way to OK? What fabulous pictures!!!! Tell Christian I want some like that! Your girls are gorgeous and the boys, they clean up nice! We love you. Can't wait to see you.

The Norris Family said...

Cute, Cute, pictures! And a Great looking family!
can't wait to see more!