Wednesday, May 21, 2008

leaving comments

I didn't find out until I was in a class at BYU a couple of years ago that I'm  dyslexic. (I have to laugh because I typed it in dylsexic.) I don't have it very bad and it's never bothered me much because I guess I've adapted - but after discovering it a lot of things made sense. I struggle when reading words I am not familiar with - especially names. When Jessica's dad was running for city council I thought his last name was Sumison. Looking at the word I couldn't figure out how to say it until some told me it was Sumsion, after that I didn't have a problem. Sometimes if I spell an unfamiliar word out loud it deciphers it for me (but it's embarrassing if I'm not alone). 

For the most part it hasn't bothered me until now! I have the hardest time leaving comments on people's blogs because I have to type in those stupid tweaked random letters! Sometimes it takes me three (or four) tries to get it right - and it doesn't spell anything which makes it harder. I look carefully, I say the letters out loud, I double check them and still get them wrong. AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!! I don't get it. Are they prejudice against dyslexic people? 

So..... sorry if I don't leave many comments, I love your blogs but many times three strikes and I'm outta here!

thanks for listening.


Dave and Mandy said...

Oh Karen, I'm with you! And I'm not even dyslexic (is that how you spell it!?) I am not a good public commentator but adore everyone's blog. I especially love your family pictures. Beautiful!

Christie said...

Love the update from Robbie....He will bear such testimony of the gospel and its power in individual lives. I'm thrilled for him....and you! Interesting about the dyslexia!

Anonymous said...

That is why you don't have to do word verification on mine. I probably have lots of stalkers looking at mine though.