Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's been a while

It's not that nothing's been happening in my life - it's actually been quite the opposite. 

A Little Tender Mercy
A week ago Sunday - I think it was the 4th - we sere sitting around the table eating Sunday dinner when Christian gets this funny look on his face, like he's concentrating on something out the window. Without saying a thing he walks out. We heard the door to the garage open, some things banging around and then the door close again. He walks to the entry closet door and gets a tennis racquet to go with the large yellow container retrieved from the garage and goes out onto the front porch. By now the rest of us have gathered at the front window one by one to see what's going on. Christian is using his arsenal to catch not one but two huge snakes from the top of the bushes in the front yard (OK, for the record they were just your typical foot long garden variety but in my opinion any snake is too big). Once he successfully gets them in the yellow container he puts the tennis racquet on top and starts walking quickly towards the river. We hear, "AAHHH" and he begins to jog disappearing behind the bushes that line the walkway to the river. (The river is where all snakes that visit my yard end up - snakes are very good swimmers and they are much safer down stream - or is it I'm safer from them - anyway we are both happier). When he gets back we ask if they were safely deposited in the river and he said they started climbing out through the tennis racquet before he got there and ended up in the neighbors yard - I'm sure the Gregory's 5 boys will appreciate some snakes to play with - sorry Abbie. 

It wasn't till it was all over that Christian quietly said, "I hate snakes". 

That's love!

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