Monday, July 28, 2008

Another week, another letter

What a week! How is everyone? Thank you all for your letters, really made my week. Wow, we had a good week! We had 30 lessons and 15 new investigators. My planner has never been so booked! The language is really progressed too, I can understand 90% of just about everything. The talking is the difficult part. I have a sataque forte (strong accent), is what Tiago (James) told me on the way home from church. We were blessed to have 6 investigators accompany us to church yesterday and there is a lot more potential. I am very excited.
We had a really interesting experience this week. We were teaching a family, of lets say 6, and then two relatives were there also. The lesson couldn't have gone better(except for my sataque and my inability to speak for longer that 6 or 7 minutes). Then at the end of the lesson we were forwarding our convites(I don't remember the word in English) and the father Carlos was really livid. He agreed with the whole lesson; Christ established his Church with 12 apostles, 1 profeta and authoridade de Deus(did that on purpose), he recognized we have a living profet and 12 apostalos today, he even commented that we were truly representatives of Christ! But when we asked; after you pray and receive a response that Christ's church has been established once again on the earth will you follow that answer and become part of the church. I could see the gear of thought twitch in his eye, as if a different spirit entered his body. Then he began to say that it is all just words and that we are all just on the same boat searching for our own guidance. An alarm went off in my head and we asked once again, "If you recieve a response from your prayer, specifically asking if Christ's church has been established once more on the earth will you follow your response?" I realize now how powerful the adversary is and how real apostasy is. Apostasy is in full bloom here and I can feel the heat coming. It's really sad, but, when we were leaving I asked him, who was the only one that could answer his prayers, Deus(God), he told me. Then I said, pray! Carlos and his wife, Vanda, asked us not to return but I think the spirit touched the hearts of a few of the kids there. I hope Carlos and Vanda can soften their hearts and see the apostasy that is in such a bactierious (I think I made up a word) growth here. But anyways, be careful, Diabo is real and he is fighting for your and my souls. The way we can prevent our hearts and minds from wandering off is to; read the scriptures, ponder, pray, work, think, plan, exercise(faith and bodies), sing, come on be creative, have fun, discover, learn, BUT, sempre rely on the Lord!

Thank you all so much for your letters, sorry I don't have time to write everyone individually, until next week.

Amor do Brasil
Elder Robbie

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