Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Bull... keeping Elder Z from his email

Picture at right - "Showed them a few tricks and then shared with them the best message in the world!"
Muitíssimo obrigado pelas tuas orações!(Thank you very much for your prayers!) I am doing better than ever! My new companions name is Elder Rodrigues, and he is district leader. I am secretary, I don't know what that means yet but I don't think that will be a problem. He is from Fortaleza and he is 21. He entered the mission field very similar to me, and we are already really good friends. He is a really powerful missionary; he isn't strict, he doesn't boss me around, he is always helping me and I haven't seen him on a bad day yet(knock on wood). The funny thing is, he doesn't seem like he would be an extremely good missionary, he goes to bed at like 12 o' clock at the earliest doesn't really do much studying. But I know he must have, he has scriptures memorized, his lessons always have a different element, but most important he really pays attention to the spirit. One thing about him that bothers me a little is he is a bit of a neat freak. Ok, understatement, have you guys ever seen monk? Yeah, he's a neat freak! We spent our whole first day cleaning the house, ok, totally reorganizing the house. I am pretty sure it has never had a going over like we gave it. Two or three more hours and still we are cleaning it, it's a bit out there, but I don't mind it because the spirit can't dwell in a dirty house. Neither can I, because of my alergies. Ok, are you ready for the bad news? I think he is only staying for one transfer! I can't believe it, it's really lame. I'm guessing I will get a shot missionary next that I will need to whip into shape or something. But, if anyone can prepare me, it's Elder Rodrigues.
Elder Rodrigues arrived Wednesday, then we cleaned the house Thursday. Then we had two really sucessful days on Friday and Saturday. We had 12 lessons and 15 new investigators, and our investigators seem really good. But, we decided we will start our missionary work as a companionship this upcoming week; dedicate our house, study more dilligently and hopefully work like mad. I am very excited for this upcoming week. I hope I get my package soon too, I am way too excited! But I am guessing it will be a few weeks. By the way, I have had the spirit touch my heart from your prayers and I am sincerely grateful!! (picture on bottom - Elder Z and Elder Rodrigues on P-day.)

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