Monday, July 14, 2008

Today's letter

Família, Família :) Como vão? (How goes?)
All is well here in Uruguiana. Once again my testimony was fortified from the power of the spirit from the waters of baptism. The Baptism went great; Elder Silvério and I baptized a brother and sister, Mari and Gabriel. I baptized Gabriel. Teaching the principle of baptism 24/7 really has engraved in my brain how much of a miracle baptism is. Also how essential it is to apply the sacrifice of Christ in our lives. Ok, so the other day I was talking with a cousin of our investigator, Menéina. He is studying English and so I was helping him. You wouldn't believe it, it has been three months and I didn't know how to say a prayer in English! It was pretty hilarious for me. I have been speaking English my whole life and Português for 3 months. Twas really strange.
This last week was a lot of walking into the city, mailing a package, taking photos with members and investigators and getting ready for my companion to go home. We had a baptism and a few parties but I feel like this week was wasted. I'm really excited and a little anxious for my new companion and I hear he is a good missionary. His name is Elder Rodrigues. But I am excited to get a new companion and start working again. I am a little overwhelmed to show my area to my new companion. Did I tell you there used to be 4 missionaries in the area I have now. But when I arrived it was just me and Silvério and now it is just me :) Yeah, keep me in your prayers. I'm not too worried, but I am being taught a very long and tiring lesson of patience.
I'm writing cards, g2g.
Write back
Amor do Brasil
Elder Z

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