Monday, July 21, 2008

Capitol Reef Classic

OK, it's 3:28 and no letter yet from our fearless gaucho elder in Brazil. So instead of worrying that he was gored by a runaway bull I will tell you about our weekend.

Christian left Wednesday evening for a river rafting trip with the scouts and Thursday morning Jen, Mark and I made our way to the city of Torrey Utah for the first ever Capitol Reef Classic bike race. We met up with team members, did the appropriate carbo loading and were ready for the races to begin Friday morning. When we got up there was the most beautiful sunrise right off our balcony. First event was a time trial. Racers leave at 30 second intervals and ride against the clock for 8 miles. Mark won his division. Wooo hooo! That afternoon in the heat of the day, after eating and resting a little, there was a circuit race. They rode a 17.5 mile loop two times. It was a beautiful course and as Jenn and I drove support, she took some great pictures. Mark and teammates did very well in this one too. Back to the room, shower, eat, rest, amazing sunset... on to the next day.

Saturday was the road race. Eighty five miles up to Fish Lake and back to Torrey. There were some hard steep climbs - 8 - 9% to be exact! Just what Mark loves. It was a hot grueling day and the competition just couldn't hang on. Mark came away with a first in the road race and overall. Congrats! Pretty good for the first stage race that he was able to finish! (Most stage races include a Sunday race).

Christian had a blast but came back with over a hundred mosquito bites on his hands alone! No pictures of that.... but here are some images from the race:


Anonymous said...

What beautiful country! And Congratulations on a great win!! That is so awesome!

Killer said...

Hi Karen

I'm glad you had such a successful weekend here. I was riding escort on the silver BMW and since I was occupied most of the time didn't get any pictures of the racing. I have a blog and would like to write about the weekend, I was wondering if you would allow me to use some of your pictures of the racers. Full credit given to you of course and a link to your blog. Thanks.

Bob Palin
Torrey, UT
bobp at

Karen Z said...

You are welcome to use any pictures you would like. Again, thanks for a great race. It was so well organized especially for the first running of the race. We will be there next year and hope to get more people there too!

Amy said...

Awesome pics! Wish we were there!

Karen Z said...

There's always next year!