Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

...somewhere but not so much at my house yet.

Our recent redecorating makes our "old" Christmas stuff seem
well... old.

I gave up on putting up lights on the house when I spent hours last year getting the strings of lights working only to have them not work when we got them on the house.
Talk about frustrating.
This year we are going for the wreath and candle in the window look.
I think I will spend time updating the inside this year
and maybe implement this on the outside...
Christian offered to do it... we just have to see which neighbor has the best lights so we know which way to point the arrow.

I'm not sure where the original picture came from
or who to give credit to
you've probably already seen it
but it sums up my feelings about house lights this year.


celisamz said...

This is awesome. I will help Christian make the ditto lights when we get there. :)

Amy said...

pretty funny

Kirsten Sue said...

I think this will be our first year doing lights. If we ever get around to it.

Grandma T. said...

Think of all the electricity you'll save -- you're being patriotic by celebrating a GREEN holiday!!