Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My legs are tired!

Dear family,

This week has been extremely tiring. The work never stops! But, that is a good thing. I would hate to stop working!

This week we had Paloma's baptism! She is 8 years old and is the cutest thing in the world! She doesn't stop smiling. She told us that when we go to her house she fills with joy and just starts running to us. It really is too bad that we can't hug. Well here in Santa Maria we don't like to baptize many young kids without there families but, listen to her story.

She has gone to church six times in a row, alone! She knows where to get the bus and she gets herself up and goes! The baptism was really special. We are working with her brother and her mom that are really looking interested. There names are Jaqueline and Jackson. Jackson has already taken out his earrings but has a piercing in the eyebrow that he need to take out.

We also have a marriage and baptism this weekend for Alcir and Marta. They are very special and have been following up with the church since I have been here. Actually, Alcir is a runner and is about Dad's height. I can always remember Dad's racing stories when he is telling his.

You should also all pray for a couple called Fernando and Irene. They are going to get married and baptized on the 29th. But, it looks like something could have happened with them. We are having problems getting in touch with them. We are praying for them a ton and you all should too.

Sure love you all and am so glad that you are all doing well.

Love, Elder Zimbelman

P.S. That is awesome all that I heard about Christian's Eagle project! You will love it!

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