Friday, December 4, 2009

Like a chicken with no head

Dear Family,

This week I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I arrived in the area here and just have been following my companion, Elder de Paula. I am getting to know the area here and also all of the investigators and way to work.

Elder de Paula is an awesome companion. He is always happy, humble and willing to serve! He is also a very good example of leadership and love for all of the missionaries in our zone. I have been very blessed to be called his companion.

The area that I am in is called Parque Pinheiro (Pine Park) and it is one of the best areas in the mission. It is a ward here and we are getting very excited about Christmas. Well, I arrived and they already had me talk on Sunday so I thought that I would share a little bit of my talk with you all.

I talked about how we were all very excited, in the pre-existence to have the chance to come down here to earth. We would be tried and tested and would have the time here on the earth to prove ourselves worthy to return to Gods' presence. I explained that our thoughts aren't God's thoughts and also our time isn't God's time. But Christ gave us a commandment to be perfect. God uses his time perfectly because he is perfect. We are imperfect but have the resposability to use our time wisely.

I explained that Christmas comes every year but THIS CHRISTMAS will never return. We need to make it the best Christmas ever. I then talked about the first Christmas. How the wise men rejoiced and gave the most precious things that they had to Christ. I then asked if anyone thought that the gospel wasn't the most precious thing that they had. Then I talked about the Live Christmas Card that we will also do this year. I challenged them to give it to everyone.

I sure hope that all of us can remember what is most important to us, which is the gospel and share it with those that we meet.

I love you guys, thanks for your love and concern. Today we will have the Leader's council and I am a little nervous. I would appreciate your prayers!

Until next week!

Elder Zimbelman

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