Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday wishes for MR Z

  One of the challenges of a birthday post is to adequately honor the birthday person without repeating what you've said in past years or using the same pictures over and over again!

Someday we will get Rob's baby pictures digitized from slides and then I will have a TON of new pictures to post 
- just hope we can still afford the internet after getting them converted.

It's been so fun to have Rob home from his mission
and I've enjoyed spending his birthday with him.
He is an amazing young man.
Very smart - straight A's since he's been home.
He's a great server at LaHolla Groves resturant
and it has inspired him to cook like a real chef...
He's so sensitive to the needs of others
but won't be walked all over - even if it means failing a cleaning check!
Rob is very comfortable in his skin and has the ability to make all those around him feel at ease too, and he can always make me laugh

I realize this only skims the surface but hey,
I need to save some of the good stuff for next year!
Happy Birthday Rob
Love you!

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Celisa said...

Yay for Robbie! Livi still randomly says his name throughout the day.