Sunday, September 5, 2010


There's something about taking warm silky bread dough out of the bread machine and forming it into loaves that is so satisfying to me.
Something about taking kernels of wheat and making them into something
that smells and tastes so good and is also good for you.
(Butterick pattern picture)
Amy is making this Cinderella dress for Ruby. 
(Like the one in the picture but blue of course)
It's her first big project. It looks amazing and Ruby is so excited,
We were talking the other day about the experience of taking a piece of fabric
and working with it until it's something usable and beautiful.
It's challenging and sometimes frustrating but overall 
it seems like kind of a miracle that we can do that.

Jennifer sat down at the piano the other day and began to play a song.
It's not one that I had heard her play before.
I assumed it was a new song. I was right - in a way.
Jennifer was creating a new song.
We printed out some paper so she could write it down and play it again.
It's still a work in progress but amazing to me as I listen and watch her work on it.

And then I think about the most awesome act of creation.
I think about the little baby moving and growing inside of Amy
How amazing is it that she can be partners with God in creating people!

And Friday we will learn a little more about this little person.
Boy or girl? Any predictions?

More about creating here


Celisa said...

Great post! I'm excited to see pictures of Ruby's Cinderella dress.

MZ said...

I predict it will be a boy or a girl.

Franklin Family said...

I love the way you blog. You have an amazing family. All of your children are wonderful, and they know who they are. Thank you for being such an incredible inspiration.