Monday, September 13, 2010

Finding out...

This is Amy three weeks ago at 17 weeks
{I copied the picture from her blog}
Last Friday we found out if she's having a boy or girl.

After considering everyone's schedules - not an easy task. We finally decided on 4:00 pm as the time to skype and discover the exciting news... granddaughter #3 or do we have a little blue in our posterity?
But just blurting it out seems so... un Amy like

Amy has always loved celebrating and goes the extra mile to make events extra special. This is certainly an extra special event soooo...... the two of us put our heads together to come up with a method of announcement worthy of the news!

It involved a little prep on my part but it was worth every second.
Because her appointment wouldn't be over until 11:30 at the earliest I need to make sure we were covered for both possibilities (and I could safely hide the evidence) I baked two cakes:

 let them cool and then followed the Recipe and idea here
(a link from Amy's blog)
 Basically you break up the cooled cake, add some cream cheese frosting and mix it in. Then your form it into little balls, chill and dip them in chocolate. I should have thought about how I was going to do it because it wasn't a very smooth delivery BUT the results is the same:

Here he is sucking his thumb!

We are SO excited!


Christie said...

Oh goody! I'm so happy for her to have a little son . . . and you a grandson! Congrats!

Celisa said...

So exciting! And fun idea for telling everybody.