Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Bike room

 This room makeover is brought to you as the perfect example of the domino effect.

I needed to get the main room of the basement redone for Kindermusik
This required moving lots of stuff out and getting new carpet.
Getting new carpet meant we needed to move as much as possible
out of the entire carpeted area of the basement.
Once the new carpet was installed
the paint in the bike room looked really bad,
and because of all the rearranging of stuff the bike room needed some serious organization
to make it work for Mark this winter and beyond.

 The first step was texturing - soon there will be no more orange peel texture anywhere in the house. That will be a monumental day indeed!

The same yellow was chosen for the walls as we used upstairs - bright and cheery but no sunglasses required! (I had Lowes match the paint color to a sheet of So Saffron Stampin' UP paper)

But I didn't want all the walls yellow...
(how boring would that be!)
We needed something to contrast the yellow 
and make the room really inviting for those 
loooooong winter rides Mark does.

A stencil! Something reminiscent of the mountains, something in a gray/taupe color...
I've seen these awesome stencils lately on this and this blog

 So I ordered it here and can I tell you these are not like the stencils I used back in the day.
They are large and laser cut and the paint is applied with a small foam roller. They line up amazingly well. This wall took me a little over an hour and used a sample sized thing of paint.
It probably would have been a little faster if I had started in the upper left hand corner rather than in the middle. Doing half a stencil next to the ceiling was a pain.

 Cleaning them was amazingly easy too. They suggested you clean it in the bathtub with warm water. I filled the tub, put it in, went to answer the phone and when I came back half the paint was floating! The other half peeled off super easily. 
(They should pay me for advertising.)

Anyway The bike room is DONE!
On to the guest bedroom...
domino theory ya know

PS if anyone is interested in buying a slightly new but excellent condition stencil call me!
you can only have so many birch forest walls in one house.


Celisa said...

Wow, it looks awesome! Great work!

Amy said...

Cool Mom! I am impressed!

MZ said...

Great work--thanks! The pain cave is now ready for me to actively hibernate in it for the three or four months of Utah's winter! As great as this cave is, I will be ready to pop my head out occasionally with a trip to St. George to see the sun and get some fresh air!

Seriously, you're so good to me--thanks!

Christie said...

That looks terrific! I love that Mark calls it the pain cave . . . and I love that you will be teaching Kindermusik. You will be wonderful and you'll have all those delightful little ones loving YOU!

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