Monday, July 18, 2011

Coming and Going

It seems this summer has been driven by the calendar but after this week my calendar will be open for a little bit.

Last week Mark, Jennifer and I went to Capitol Reef to support Mark as he rode in the Capitol Reef Classic. The weather was unusually cool... well, cooler than usual and it was a breath of fresh air. Mark rode well, we ate out, watched movies, read books in between races, and got a good amount of sleep. Mark did well, getting second overall and winning King of the Mountain.

Today I am getting ready for Girls camp. Moab. We are hoping for cool weather there too but doubt we will get lucky two weeks in a row. No movies or eating out... more like hiking, cooking, setting up tents, river rafting and then cleaning it all up... but I do look forward to a spiritual week as girls camp always ends up being. I love girls camp. Lots of work... great rewards!

Here is Christian's address in the MTC if you want to write to him.
The best way to do that is on You have to set up an account but it's easy and free. They will print out the letter and give it to him that day. In the MTC he only gets 30 minutes on the computer which is just enough to write to the family so it's helpful to be able to read our letters beforehand... he also likes to be able to receive them spread out a little and be able to reread them also.

Here is the information you need:

Elder Christian Zimbelman
MTC Box 375
Arg-Neu Departure date Sept 5

He is also accepting care packages, pictures... etc. ;)

I'll post pictures of the bike race soon.

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beagleAnnie said...

Girls Camp sounds exciting. But to be honest, I don't know anything about it because there are no girls camp in Japan.