Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 3 in the MTC

Elder Zimbelman and good friend Elder Campbell
NOTE: Christian did write to us last week but it was a hand written letter. I was at girls camp when it came and I have not yet typed it up (and may not at this point) Enjoy his letter from this week:

Hola mi familia! que tal? esta semana fue muy bien, esta semana fue un poquito interesante, primero, ultimo jueves, en Inglais..  (note: If you want to translate this feel free, I have no idea what it says)

One of our elders went home, it was rough for all of us for about a day, but we're now all doing well. What made the difference, was one of the district presidents came to our room and talked to us for a second, and suggested that we give a blessing for the companion of the Elder who went home, and suggested in that blessing we ask the Lord to bless us not to have a spirit of discouragement. So once he left, and the missionary who we were giving the blessing to, asked me to give the blessing, we proceeded, with all of us placing our hands on his head, it was a really cool experience. and ever since then, we have all been doing great. And since Elder ***** went home, our district has actually been doing better than we were doing before, in respect to our district working better together, and staying more focused, and the spirit has been more constant. It has been a blessing in disguise.

Last Friday was our first time in the TRC (teaching resource center), where we go and teach volunteers, who pose as investigators, and we gave our first full 40 minute lesson in 100 percent Espanol. It was a little rough at times, but it was an overall good experience.

I have been singing in the choir, and it has been an awesome experience, I love the spirit that comes when we sing. This Tuesday we were practicing for the fireside that night, and they were doing last minute preparations, and they were checking everywhere, like under chairs, and in walls for bombs and stuff, and so we thought it was for sure going to be one of the twelve and we were super excited. But as the meeting started, it was an emeritus 70,  Dennis E. Simmons. At first we were somewhat disappointed, but as he started to speak, we felt silly that we were disappointed. The spirit came, and that was all that matters. He talked about the sanctification process, and how it is during the doing of stuff, the hard stuff, that we grow and become better. He also talked about how when we are baptized we are given the gift of the holy ghost, but it is our choice to receive it.  So it is really up to us to receive the gift, because what good is a gift given, if it is not received?

This week has been great, I've been growing, and learning a lot. I"m loving the MTC, it is such a great place! I love you all, thank you so much for your letters! tomorrow I have my first day of SYL (speak your language), where I can only speak Spanish for the whole day, so pray for me! :) Hey I'll try to write personal letters, but right now we've got class. sorry! There is never enough time to write everything I want!
Love you guys so much! thanks for your prayers!
love, Elder Zimbelman

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