Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Letter

I have some catching up to do after I catch my breath but in the mean time here is the first letter from Elder Christian Zimbelman:

Hey Family!
Man, I love you guys! the MTC has been amazing, I love my companion elder Ross, he is such a stud, and is a perfect first companion. He's from Vernal, and we are practically best friends. My district is also pretty awesome, we have quite a few elders who struggle with various things, but I really have felt the lord bless me with the spirit, and an increase in my capacities, so that I have been able to befriend the other elders, and help keep them motivated, and realize why they are on a mission, and that it is OK that they are having a really hard time, that's all part of the plan. I have the best teachers ever, Hermana Ortega is from Bariloche Argentina, and is soo excited that we will be going to Argentina. We always look forward to her lessons. Our second teacher, Hermano Harvey went on his mission to Chile, and is also a great teacher, he is definitely harder on us than hermana, but that's good, that is how we learn the best, even though it can be discouraging at times. The Spirit is soo strong here, and it really has been fun to feel its influence. On Tuesday we were having a lesson from Hermana Ortega, and we talked about the difference between being a sacrifice missionary, and a missionary of consecration, we talked about how a missionary who worries about the sacrifices he made to be on a mission, and thinks only about the things that he could be doing otherwise, is not being the best missionary he could be. Where a missionary who puts his heart and mind into the work and truly consecrates everything to the lord. That missionary is able to be a much better tool in the hands of the lord. While i don't wish to say that I haven't been missing you, because i most definitely have had my moments, I have been feeling the power of the spirit in increasing my capacity, so that i have been able to focus on the work, and my studies, and the people around me and their needs, and my mind has not wandered too often to things that might distract or get me down, In this way i already have started to feel as though i have consecrated myself completely, and there truly is such a power in that.  I have come to realize the power of obedience, I have definitely noticed a difference in the days where I wasn't completely obedient, and the days where I have been , the difference is amazing! the lord really has been blessing me, and increasing my capacity as I've worked, and tried to be obedient.
I love you guys, know that I am loving every second of my time here! your letters were such a highlight of my week, I really loved it! I'm definitely in good hands, the language is coming, and my testimony is growing, but most importantly I am feeling the spirit very strongly, and more constantly than i have ever felt before! I love It!

Love you all so much! thank you for your prayers and your help in getting me to where i am today! I love everyone of you, and I pray for you every day! it seems that there is not enough time in the day for all the things we have to do, and i love it! know I'm doing great and am loving every second! cant wait to hear back!
Much love
Elder Zimbelman

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Urthman said...

Christian sounds like a missionary! Do you guys get to see him when you're with your ward over there?