Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Slice of Heaven

Amy and Aaron and their families were able to come for Robbie's wedding and for Christian's farewell. It was wonderful having everyone together for a little bit. While I didn't take pictures (too busy playing) I'm thankful others did. 

The kids loved the trampoline and Ruby and Livi really had fun bouncing together. Livi really learned how to bounce and Ruby could even bounce on one foot. The girls really had fun together. Even Peter got some bouncing in. 

Ruby and Livi are getting so big as evidenced by some of their comments.

Ruby and I were sitting on the front porch when we saw a bee.  I commented about how it was buzzing in and out of the flowers. I asked Ruby, "Do you know what that bee is doing?" I was about to tell her about how it was gathering nectar to make honey when she said, "Yes, that bee is pollinating!"

Celisa put a headband on Livi as we were going to church on Sunday. A few minutes after we got there she took it off, handed it to her mom and said, "I just want regular ponytails".

 We told Livi that she was a cute girl to which she responded, I'm just a regular girl!

Mark and Christian took Ruby to the Princess Festival. The first thing they went to was Cinderella. The stepsisters yelled at Cinderella scaring Ruby. She wanted to leave. They played in the sand for a bit until they spotted a frog - a talking frog no less. For years Ruby has been doing math problems for Grandpa. They went over to the frog and talked to it for a minute. Ruby was still a little nervous... till Grandpa gave the frog a math problem, one he often gives Ruby. The frog got it right and Ruby knew it! She was thrilled and the festival just got better from there on out. Ruby was thrilled when Rapunzel told her that she was her favorite princess. She even got the courage to go in the water and ask Ariel to sign her book.

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