Monday, August 20, 2012

A true gem

is my Ruby Lynn.
You always know where you stand with Ruby. She is a very vocal little girl and will let you know if she is feeling happy, worried, excited or upset. Ruby loves to make plans and knows exactly what she wants. Or at least what she thinks she wants. Ruby was so excited to sleep on the top bunk. When they arrived she went straight up to the bunk room, climbed the ladder and checked out every inch of the bed. But when it came right down to sleeping so high up - she felt a little nervous and was relieved when Jennifer traded her for the pop up trundle a little closer to the ground. Ruby had lots she wanted to do while she was here. We played trains and dress up and instruments in the basement - and balls. We missed Uncle Christian throwing them with us but Ruby knew the exact song she wanted to listen to while we played with the balls. And we listened and played - over and over and over...

Ruby was excited for the splash pad but after putting her hand in the water a few times she was content to sit and watch Peter and Olivia get into it.

Ruby knew what animal she wanted to ride on the carousel. She remembered some of the books we had on our shelf and requested them by name... LMNO Peas and Are you my mother? were among the favorites. And Ruby loves the trampoline. She even let Grandpa bounce her really high. Ruby has an amazing imagination and curiosity. She also loves dogs. One afternoon we were in the backyard and heard a little dog barking close to the fence. I told her it was our neighbors dog, Lucy. Ruby wanted to see her, so we went to the back corner of the yard and I held her up so she could see over the fence. Lucy was still a little way off so we moved to the very corner of the yard where the fence posts come together. I first held her up and as she looked over, Lucy saw her, came to the corner and barked at her. Ruby responded, "Oh! you dreamed about me last night?" She continued to have a conversation with Lucy and when I put her down, Ruby discovered that the space between the fence posts was just big enough for her to put her hand through and pet Lucy, both were thrilled. 

It't hard to believe she's getting so big. 
Ruby is already planning the next time we get together.
I can't wait!


Amy said...

It really is crazy how quickly she is growing up!

Celisa said...

Love these posts on each of the grand kids. They are so lucky to have you for a grandma!