Saturday, August 18, 2012

About Kate

Katelyn is my newest grandchild.
Born March 11 2012, she was blessed in our home June 24th.
Amy took some great pictures - you can see more here.
She has the cutest smile and adorable dimples.
If you click your tongue she smiles every time.
She thinks Olivia is hilarious and watches her closely -
then suddenly she just busts up laughing.

 Kate rolled over for the first time while they were here.
Stomach to back and then back to her stomach.

 In the evenings Kate would lay on her blanket and just squeal.
High, long, loud squeals. 
She was not upset but just playing with her voice.
We affectionately called her the "Nazgul".

She was also content to sit on our laps and look at our Rook cards.
Her serious expressions made you wonder if she was trying to figure out what we would play next. 
It was so fun to see her personality begin to emerge.
Sweet Kate!
I am truly blessed.


MZ said...

Yes you are blessed and I'm doubly blessed to be married to such a great wife, mother and grandmother!

Amy said...

Such a sweet, happy baby!

Tracy said...

So sweet!