Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Livi lou

Since Olivia moved with her parents to Illinois when she was just a few months old, our opportunities to interact in person are somewhat limited. We were thrilled to be able to have her here for just over three weeks. This series of pictures, taken on the fourth of July, provides insight into Olivia's personality. 

To say we are not big fourth of July party animals is an understatement, however I do enjoy our neighborhood "Cul-de-sac of fire" where neighbors come together and share purchased fireworks. We could hear the sounds of fireworks from around the neighborhood and Olivia, unsettled by the noise, didn't really want to go out to see them. Jennifer and I were able to persuade her to go out in the street with us during a lull in explosions. We looked down the street and could see neighbors a ways off setting off some quieter ones that were just on the ground. We oohed and ahhhed and when Livi thought they were cool we decided to just go on a little walk and see if we could see some more. We ended up in the cul-de-sac (surprise, surprise) and this is kind of how things transpired from there:

She was kind of the same way on the trampoline. She and Ruby tried to bounce together but the unpredictability unnerved Livi and she preferred watching from the ground rolled in the Lighting McQueen blanket. But given the opportunity to bounce by herself and we have:

She was not this way with more familiar things, she LOVED the carousel,  getting ice cream cones, the splash pad - when we left the splash pad she asked if she could swim in one of the fountains (the little swimming pool)... umm probably not.
Olivia also discovered Are You My Mother as well as Robert the Rose Horse,
In fact at random times she would get a big grin on her face and say, "Ker choooooooooooooo"
to which we would reply, "up went Livi, up went Grandpa, up went the puzzle and Auntie Jenn fell down flat! (or a hundred different variations). 

She also proved to be her fathers daughter as we celebrated her mom's birthday a little early.
See the direction of the smoke and which ones went out first?
Olivia is a great helper in lots of ways!

Oliva is a thoughtful, careful child when it comes to things she is not familiar with. Give her a little bit of time and when she understands the situation and knows more what to expect she will, on her own, jump in full throttle. She likes to be in control of herself in new situations and flourishes when you allow her that opportunity - and when you are willing to do that... this little girl is pure joy. 
That's probably one reason she plays so well on her own. 
PS Aaron, a job within a one day drive when you graduate would be sooo nice!
Livi Lou, I love you!

One day Aaron asked her, "Livi, are you being facetious?" to which she smiled and replied,
"Yes, faleetious"

Last segment - "The princess festival" - coming soon!
Then maybe we'll get to our trip to Yellowstone and our upstairs remodel.


Amy W said...

She sure has a fun little personality. Love that she helped her momma blow out the candles!

Celisa said...

Those firework pictures are hilarious! Totally Olivia.